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The VEEMSurf propeller is the latest in surface piercing propeller design. Each VEEMSurf propeller is custom designed to suit the needs of a wide range of applications. This design enjoys a wide range of vessel specific custom design features including the ability to optimise blade profile, blade area, blade rake, skew, blade thickness, section design and edge thickness. Smooth operation is assisted through the use of “shock free” blade sections, along with optimised blade sections and blade area. The VEEMSurf is manufactured to suit all types of pleasure and commercial surface drive units including Arneson, Q-SPD, ZF and Levi units. All VEEMSurf propellers are 100% fully CNC machined and robotically polished for maximum accuracy, and is available in high strength nickel aluminium bronze or high strength stainless steel. The VEEMSurf incorporates the following features;

  • VEEM’s unique parabolic rake blades for reduced wash,
  • “Shock free” blade section design for maximum smoothness,
  • Choice of medium speed or very high speed blade sections, royal
  • Ability to custom design rake, skew, thickness and camber,
  • CFD optimised blade thickness for maximum strength and durability,
  • Radially optimised blade thrust
  • Minimum manufacturing accuracy of ISO 484/2 Class S,
  • VEEM’s robotic high lustre polished blade surface,
  • ISO 1940/1 G2.5 (gas turbine) high accuracy dynamic balancing,


Diameter:500mm – 2000mm (20″ – 78″)
Pitch Distribution:Variable Pitch
Blade Section Type:Cambered/Interceptor
Skew:35 Degrees
Blade Rake:10 Dregrees
Material:NiBrAl (Nickel Aluminium Bronze) or Stainless Steel
Manufacturing Standard:ISO 484/2 Class S minimum
Balance Standard:ISO 1940/1 G2.5 minimum
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