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Fixed Blade Propellers

2B, 3B, 4B and 5B narrow bladed low drag styles

Saildrive Propellers

2B and 3B aluminum saildrive styles
Austral Propellers

Clover Propellers

3B traditional clover leaf propellers

Seahawk Slipstream® Folding Propellers

2B and 3B stainless steel geared folding propellers

Eliche Radice Folding Propellers

2B bronze geared folding propellers

Seahawk Autostream Feathering Propellers

3B stainless steel feathering propellers

Maxprop Feathering Sailboat Propellers

2B, 3B, 4B and 5B bronze feathering propellers

Specials – Sailboat Propellers

Discontinued and second hand sailboat propellers

All geared folding and feathering propellers are available to suit tapered shafts or saildrive legs

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