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Traditional power at its best

Austral Propellers

For putters and motor sailers, Austral’s Clover is the standard by which other propellers are compared. The design has repeatedly proven superior in providing excellent all-round performance on a wide range of boats

This combined with our modern precision methods of manufacture has ensured propellers of premium quality, accuracy and efficiency

Clover 3B propellers are available from 10″ – 16″ diameter, in both right and left hand rotation and in an extensive range of pitch sizes.

Design Features:

  • Ideal propeller for most small boats
  • Individually pitchometer checked
  • Electronically balanced
  • Cast standard in Nibral

Performance Advantages:

  • Optimum small sportcruiser performance
  • Larger blades – means higher thrust transmission, less slip and cavitation
  • Rapid acceleration across full RPM range
  • Smoothness through geometric accuracy of manufacturing methods.
3 BLADE CLOVER DESIGN DATA Maximum Disc Area Ratio = 0.50
DiameterApproximate Standard Hub SizesMaximum bore sizes
Large DiameterLengthStandard Hub

Available in both right and left hand rotation in an extensive range of pitch sizes.

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