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High performance Ski Boat style for step-up gearboxes

These propellers are designed for high performance vessels used mainly for ski racing and circuit racing. They are particularly suitable for propellers running at high RPM through a step up gear box. Blades are heavily skewed and raked aft to enhance performance.

Design Features:

  • Large blade area for more thrust
  • CAD/CAM computer developed
  • Patterns fully CNC machined
  • Individually pitchometer checked
  • Electronically balanced
  • Cast in Nibral as standard
  • Lustrous polished finish

Performance Advantages:

  • Improved top end performance
  • Acceleration throughout full RPM range
  • Ideal for step up gear box use
  • Larger blades – means higher thrust
  • Smoothness through geometric accuracy of manufacturing methods
Pitch RangeApproximate Standard Hub SizesMaximum bore sizes Standard Hub
DiameterRight & Left HandLarge DiameterLength
11"27912 to 17305 to 4321.65"422.75"701.125"28.6
11.5"29212 to 17305 to 4321.65"422.75"701.125"28.6
12"30512 to 17305 to 4321.65"422.75"701.125"28.6
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