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Discontinued and second hand 2B, 3B, 4B and 5B sailboat propellers

Sailboat Propellers listed on our Specials page are discontinued stock, ex sea-trial or second hand propellers. These propellers are specifically NOT covered by our normal warranty. Please contact our sales department to discuss the physical condition of individual propellers and their suitability for your particular application. Prices quoted are in $AUD and exclude GST and freight. (10% GST applicable on all sales within Australia)

StylePart No.DiameterPitchBladesMetalRotationShaft SizeBoreKeySALE $AUD
(ex GST)
Fixed Yacht10AR2YC10.00"6.00"2BNBRH0.750"SAE3/16"$350.001
Fixed Yacht16IL2YJ16.00"14.00"2BNBLH1.000"Morse1/4"$690.001
Fixed YachtRaked18.00"15.00"2BMBLH30mm1 in 108.0mm$485.001
Fixed YachtRaked20.00"15.00"2BMBRH30mm1 in 108.0mm$595.001
Fixed YachtRaked20.00"17.00"2BMBRH30mm1 in 108.0mm$595.001
Fixed Yacht135HL3YM13.50"13.00"3BNBLH1.250"SAE5/16"$350.001
Fixed Yacht14CL3YX14.00"8.00"3BNBLH1.000"ODD1/4"$350.001
Fixed Yacht2013L3Y20.00"13.00"3BNBLHRing for details$1100.001
Fixed Yacht2319R4Y23.00"19.50"4BNBRHRing for details$1950.001

Metal Code :  NB = Nibral    MB = Manganese Bronze    SS = Stainless Steel    AL = Aluminium

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