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The VEEMStar propeller design has been developed as a high performance propeller for use on medium speed applications. As an “all round” propeller, it is ideal for use on pleasure and commercial applications where performance and smoothness are of particular importance. The VEEMStar achieves this with outstanding blade cavitation control, which results in increased efficiency and smoothness. The VEEMStar’s reputable performance is assisted by unique and advanced features including:

  • Unloaded blade tips for smooth, efficient performance,
  • High reverse thrust trailing edge detail,
  • Radially optimised pitch distribution,
  • Availability of light, medium and heavy blade camber variants,
  • VEEM’s highly successful anti-singing edge detail,
  • Minimum manufacturing accuracy of ISO 484/2 Class S,
  • VEEM’s robotic high lustre polished blade surface,
  • ISO 1940/1 G2.5 (gas turbine) high accuracy dynamic balancing,



Diameter:500mm – 2000mm (20″ – 78″)
Pitch Distribution:Variable Pitch
Blade Section Type:Ogival
Skew:25 Degrees
Blade Rake:0 Degrees
Material:NiBrAl (Nickel Aluminium Bronze)
Manufacturing Standard:ISO 484/2 1 or Class S
Balance Standard:ISO 1940/1 G6.3 or G2.5
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