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The VEEMStar-LC is designed exclusively for high horsepower superyachts and other medium speed vessels that require the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency. The VEEMStar-LC has been designed in conjunction with several of the worlds’ prominent super-yacht manufacturers, under stringent performance and smoothness requirements. The result is a reliable, efficient and smooth high performance propeller, that is able to cope with the high loads on modern applications. The VEEMStar-LC is the choice for those who require the smoothest and most efficient operation possible, while retaining excellent manoeuvrability. The VEEMStar-LC incorporates the following features;

  • Very high skew,
  • Variable camber blade sections,
  • Optimised thickness distribution,
  • Cavitation resistant blade sections,
  • VEEM’s highly successful anti-singing edge detail,
  • Minimum manufacturing accuracy of ISO 484/2 Class S, aussie
  • VEEM’s robotic high lustre polished blade surface,
  • ISO 1940/1 G2.5 (gas turbine) high accuracy dynamic balancing,


Diameter:500mm – 2000mm (20″ – 78″)
Pitch Distribution:Variable Pitch
Blade Section Type:Ogival/Cambered
Skew:35 Degrees
Blade Rake:0 Degrees
Material:NiBrAl (Nickel Aluminium Bronze)
Manufacturing Standard:ISO 484/2 Class S minimum
Balance Standard:ISO 1940/1 G2.5 minimum
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