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Autostream® – 3B stainless steel feathering propellers

The Autostream propellers automatically adjust to a fully feathered position under sail and can be used for both forward or reverse propulsion. Manufactured using CNC technology to ensure accuracy and quality; a full range of spare parts are also available, including; replacement sacrificial zinc anodes, bearings and saildrive bushes. Pitch can be easily externally adjusted to the desired setting, without dismantling. Propellers are manufactured in duplex stainless steel for exceptional durability and increased performance through the use of finer blade sections.

Design Features and Advantages:

  • Propeller sizes 15″ – 20″ (380-508mm) diameter
  • Shaft sizes to 1-3/8″ (35mm) diameter
  • Constructed using 316 & 2507 grade stainless steel
  • Rated to 80HP (60kw)
  • Simple screw & locknut adjustment means no dismantling & easily performed under water
  • Single point greasing lubricates entire propeller
  • Sacrificial anode with stainless steel core gives maximum electrolysis protection
  • Superior propulsion astern over folding, fixed blade & self pitching propellers
  • Seals on blades & main gear to retain grease & ensure correct lubrication
  • Replaceable bearings throughout
  • Each blade has 2 bearings for greater rigidity resulting in smoother operation & increased life
  • Assembly screws lockwired for security
  • Saildrive Models – Standard SAE 16/32 spline suits Volvo, Yanmar & Bukh. Fail proof cushion hub which absorbs the shocks but it is not required to transmit the drive therefore it can not fail and leave you without drive.
  • 5 Year Warranty
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