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The VEEMLoadstar® design is particularly suited to work boats with open water propellers. The Loadstar is a hard working propeller providing excellent thrust and maneuverability. Incorporating flat faced, ogival sections, the Loadstar is heavily built making it robust and offers high resistance to damage from debris. Manufactured using the latest robotic and CNC processes, the VEEMLoadstar is of the highest quality and accuracy attainable, and is further improved with dynamic balancing at VEEM’s NATA approved balancing facility.

The Loadstar has optimized blade profiles for low speed applications, providing high thrust and excellent efficiency at low speed, making this style of propeller ideal for low speed displacement type work boats such as trawlers, push boats, tugboats and other low speed applications. All standard Loadstar propellers are manufactured from high strength NiBrAl material providing high quality castings with excellent resistance to corrosion, erosion and fatigue, whilst being easily repairable.


Diameter:500mm – 2000mm (20″ – 80″)
Pitch Distribution:Straight Pitch
Blade Section Type:Aerofoil/Ogival
Skew:15 Degrees
Blade Rake:0 Degrees
Material:NiBrAl (Nickel Aluminium Bronze)
Manufacturing Standard:ISO 484/2 Class 1
Balance Standard:ISO 1940/1 G6.3
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