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Interceptor Strips – Pitch Alteration Technology

VEEM has taken its ‘Splash and Forget’™ technology to the next level allowing every boat to be launched with the correct propeller every time. Imagine being able to design and build a new model of boat and have it hit the right engine revs and load without the need to change or modify the propellers. You can now retain all the benefits of using VEEM’s class leading CNC propeller designs regardless of final boat configuration.

The Interceptor Propeller™ technology also means that you can use all of the engine power that you paid for regardless of boat weight or operating environment. Now you can fish in cold and hot climates using the same propeller by simply changing the Interceptor strips; a bit like summer and winter tyres. Adding a tower to a boat is no longer a trigger to fit new or modified propellers.

The VEEM Interceptor Propeller™ system eliminates the many thousands of dollars wasted each time a boat needs to be lifted to have its propellers changed or modified. The cost saving of this new system doesn’t end there either. Fuel consumption and the ‘Carbon Footprint’ of every boat can be minimized by ensuring the engines are operating exactly where they were designed to operate over the entire life of the boat. VEEM’s revolutionary Interceptor Propeller™ allows changes to the effective pitch of the propeller without the propeller being removed and this can even be done underwater. VEEM holds several international patents for the system which uses different height Interceptor strips to adjust the effective pitch of the propeller.

Comprehensive testing has demonstrated excellent efficiency at high speed due to the camber affect of the Interceptor.

A specially designed entry point is provided at the propeller hub end of the groove to facilitate the installation of the Interceptor strip. Each blade is specially designed to allow a captive groove to be machined into the trailing edge of the pressure face to receive the Interceptor strip. The strip is fed in from a special opening near the root of the blade allowing centrifugal force to hold the strip in place, in both forward and reverse.

The Strips are colour coded to make identification easy. Should the pitch of the propeller need to be changed, the old strip is simply pulled out and a new strip of a different height is pulled in. The strips come in different colours to easily identify the height of the Interceptor strip. This also makes it easy for a diver to identify what size strips are installed prior to changing the strips and to avoid any confusion during the change-out process. The strips are made from a specially formulated high density polymer making them long lasting and cheap to replace when the boat is lifted for scheduled maintenance.

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