Cleaver 3B Propellers

cleaver-blackHigh Performance Ski Boat Propellers!

These propellers are designed for high performance vessels used mainly for ski racing and circuit racing. They are particularly suitable for propellers running at high RPM through a step up gear box. Blades are heavily skewed and raked aft to enhance performance.

Performance Advantages:

  • Improved top end performance
  • Acceleration throughout full RPM range
  • Ideal for step up gear box use
  • Larger blades – means higher thrust
  • Smoothness through geometric accuracy of manufacturing methods

Design Features:

  • Large blade area for more thrust
  • CAD/CAM computer developed
  • Patterns fully CNC machined
  • Individually pitchometer checked
  • Electronically balanced
  • Cast in Nibral as standard
  • Lustrous polished finish

Pitch RangeApproximate Standard Hub SizesMaximum bore sizes Standard Hub
DiameterRight & Left HandLarge DiameterLength
11"27912 to 17305 to 4321.65"422.75"701.125"28.6
11.5"29212 to 17305 to 4321.65"422.75"701.125"28.6
12"30512 to 17305 to 4321.65"422.75"701.125"28.6

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