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The MAX PROP® Boomerang propeller works completely automatically. It takes the pitch when the drive shaft is rotated to travel forward or backwards. The propeller feathers when engine is off, starting from the position to travel forward. This innovative propeller model, avoids the necessity of having to apply a shaft brake even for the boats equipped with an hydraulic gear.

The MAX PROP® Boomerang is equipped with a patented mechanism that allows the propeller blades to go back in feathering position automatically when the prop is still. Thanks to this innovative feature  when the engine is stopped (whilst driving in forward), the blades are automatically and immediately pushed in to the feathering position.

The MAX PROP® Boomerang uses five blades to provide quiet operation and impressive thrust. Especially against heavy wind and seas, the fifth blade will maintain boat speed on a heavy vessel. Also, the fifth blade provides a smoother operation quieting down propeller noise on larger applications.

The MAX PROP® Boomerang is shipped fully assembled, making installation and pitch changes simple and fast. The pitch is variable up to 0,5°, providing the ability to fine tune up the loading of the engine. Moreover, pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be disassembled to change the pitch.
On the body of each propeller two threaded holes (housings) are obtained, marked with letters “R” and “L”; a screw/rod is inserted in each hole. The pitch of the propeller, for both forward and backwards motions, can be easily varied by changing how deeply each screw/rod penetrate the body.

The MAX PROP® Boomerang is also designed for larger moderate to heavy displacement vessels. Which can benefit from the extra thrust and quiet performance of a five blade propeller.
Very helpful also in applications where the propulsion system has very reduced space.

Smooth operation:
A four blade propeller will smoothest possible run under power, quieting down your drivetrain.

Very Low drag:
Just like other Max-Prop propellers, the Fast feathers to a low drag position while sailing. Under sail the Max-Prop will increase sailing speed by about 15%, the largest difference being noticed when sailing in light air. When sailing with a fixed propeller the vessel has to overcome the fixed blade drag, installing a Max-Prop maximizes sailing performance.

Very easy installation:
The installation of the Max-Prop Fast is very simple. The propeller is delivered assembled. Just slip the hub on the shaft, thread and tighten the nut, thread the two, lock screws for the nut, install the zinc anode (3 screws), and it is done!

Adjustable pitch:
If your engine achieves either too much or too little RPM at max throttle, adjust the pitch to a higher or lower setting to attain the correct RPM. Pitch adjustment can be done in the water as no disassembly or special tools are needed to change the pitch.

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