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Propeller-Size-Selection-ServiceAustral provides a complete Technical Service for inboard# propeller size suggestions. We have an extensive library of computer software from which we can analyse and compare various computerised propeller calculations, combined with our long practical experience, this helps ensure the correct choice of optimum propeller for each application.

#PLEASE NOTE: For outboard and sterndrive propeller size suggestions within Australia please contact our sales department on (02) 9533 1633. For international enquiries, on outboard and sterndrive propeller size suggestions, we generally recommend contacting the outboard/sterndrive dealer in your region.

The MINIMUM vessel information required for us to provide a satisfactory inboard propeller size suggestion includes :- (1) Vessel waterline length (2) Vessel operating weight (3) Vessel style and normal usage (4) No. of engines (5) Maximum brake horsepower and wide open RPM recommended for engine(s), and (6) Gear reduction. In addition, current speed/max RPM being achieved, with a known existing propeller style/size, will provide valuable comparative data when fine-tuning suggested optimum sizing.

ACCURATE DETAIL IS VERY IMPORTANT Our calculations can only be as good as the accuracy of the information you provide to us. Inaccurate vessel and engine information will mean an inaccurate sizing, so please take the time to check your details first.

#PLEASE NOTE: Our size suggestions are given in good faith, sight unseen; however, due to the many variables, we accept NO responsibility nor do we in any way guarantee the use of propeller sizes provided by this service.

Please continue to fill in the form below, alternatively, click on the button on left, download the form and fax the completed form to us. Fax No. (02) 9533 3302, International Fax No. +61 2 9533 3302.

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Current Results - Speed/Max RPM/Existing Propeller style & size


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