Max-Prop Easy Four Blade

4bg_open_webThe Max-Prop Easy is a true step forward in Max-Prop design. The ease of installation and simple pitch adjustment make this model a great choice for a wide range of boats. The four blade design provides smooth and efficient power. The four blade will smooth out most vibrations present with a three blades. Moreover, it offers better punch when powering into heavy wind and seas.

The Easy ships fully assembled, making installation similar to a fixed propeller, basically slide it onto the shaft, nut it in place and the propeller is ready to go.

ecowind_facing_largeAs with all Max-Prop’s the Easy’s pitch is adjustable. The pitch is adjustable in 2 degree increments, providing the ability to fine tune the loading of the engine. Moreover, pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be disassembled to change the pitch.


Efficient power:
In forward the Max-Prop will offer 96% of the efficiency of a fixed blade propeller of the same diameter and pitch. The 4% loss in power can usually be eliminated by precisely matching the pitch of the Max-Prop to fit the boat engine combination. Four blade model will maintain boat speed about 12% better than a three blade when powering into heavy wind and seas.

Amazing reverse:
The Max-Prop provides 80% more power than a comparable fixed blade propeller. The Max-Prop utilizes the same leading edge in forward as it does in reverse giving the propeller the same thrust in both directions dramatically improving control and power in reverse.

4bg2_assemble_webSmooth operation:
A four blade propeller will offer the smoothest possible run under power, quieting down your drivetrain.

Very Low drag:
Just like other Max-Prop propellers, the Gen II feathers to a low drag position while sailing. Under sail the Max-Prop will increase sailing speed by about 15%, the largest difference being noticed when sailing in light air. When sailing with a fixed propeller the vessel has to overcome the fixed blade drag, installing a Max-Prop maximizes sailing performance.

Very easy installation:
The installation of the Max-Prop Easy is very simple. The propeller is delivered assembled. Just slip the hub on the shaft, thread and tighten the nut, thread the two, lock screws for the nut, install the zinc anode (3 screws), and it is done!

ez_prop_side_view_web_500xAdjustable pitch:
If your engine achieves either too much or too little RPM at max throttle, adjust the pitch to a higher or lower setting to attain the correct RPM. Pitch adjustment can be done in the water as the propeller does not need to be fully disassembled to change the pitch.



Click here to view the Max-Prop Easy Four Blade installation instructions

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