Aluminium propellers

radiche-aluminiumRadice propellers for Sail Drive trasmission made with gravity die casting in a specific aluminium magnesium alloy. Our alloy guarantees greater corrosion resitance and thanks to its greater elaticity, if hit only the blade will deform without necessarly breaking.

The mechanical characteristics are:

R=21 Kg/mm2      S=10 Kg/mm2       A5=12%

Aluminium Magnesium alloy propellers are worked with tollerances ISO 484 class 1°, dynamically balanced and painted in black color with a special epoxy powder which is axtremely hard and resistant to abrasion.


Our aluminium propellers for the Sail Drive trasmissions, they must be installed according to the Sail Drive Manufacturer Instructions, using the foreseen originals accessories.

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